Thursday, June 20, 2013

Flowers in the Attic ... and clothes, and dishes, and toys...

Started cleaning out the attic yesterday. It's needed done for a while. But, I've had a difficult weekend and knew I had to take it easy. So, Stuart and Craig brought boxes and bags down from the attic so that I could sort through them in the garage in relative comfort. I had the fan set up (supposed to be 82 again) and some favorite gospel music playing.

I got a slow start yesterday. Only about 10 boxes done. Then the oddest thing. First, I had sat for much too long in a hard chair. So, when I tried to stand up, my joints were pretty much stiffened up.

After walking/hobbling around the garage for a while, I made it up the 3 stairs into the house. Where I took a couple of Excedrin (I was out of Aleve), got a glass of tea and sat down. Within 10 minutes I was shivering from head to toe and ached painfully all over. Went to bed, turned on the heated mattress pad and tried to warm up. That didn’t happen. So, I went in to soak in the whirlpool, but the sensation of the jets touching my skin felt like I was on fire. I got out (thank you, Craig) and was in tears trying to dry off. Eventually, I took more meds, piled on blankets and went to bed.

Today, I started out with about 25-30 boxes. Set up the garage, but I thought the chair may have been part of the issue, so I sat in my wheelchair. I usually only need it if I’ll be out all day (i.e. vacations @ Disney or State Fair, Zoo, Mall, etc.). That did help with my legs not going as numb and my back not hurting so badly. But, by noon, I had to come inside. It was 80 degrees and I was shaking from head to toe and felt like I’d been locked in a deepfreeze. Took some meds (Craig went and picked up some Aleve for me) and went to bed. It took 2 hours, but I finally warmed up. Granted, it was now 83 outside, I was using the heated mattress pad again, on high, three quilts and a snuggly Egyptian cotton blanket, flannel sheets, a sweater, alpaca mittens and socks. But, eventually the goose bumps went away and I warmed up some.

I went back out and finished the boxes I had set out this a.m. The Aleve helped a lot, but I’ve had to take more only 4 hours after taking the first. Since you aren’t supposed to do that, I’m going to have to talk to my doctor about what to do. I also need some more Biofreeze, as I’m out right now. And, let me tell you, that stuff is amazing.

But, I’m noticing residual pain in my arms, shoulders, wrists, back and hips tonight and my legs are very weak. I was seriously tempted to use the wheelchair in the house tonight, but that’s not something I let myself do at this point.

So, my goal this week was to finish the attic, but I won’t make it. Realistically speaking, I won’t make it. But, I’m going to try to clear out another 30-40 tomorrow. I’m going to have to start taking stuff to the Goodwill soon, the DAV is just too far away and I won’t be able to make that drive. So far, I have 15 boxes/bags to drop off. And have several I’m throwing out. Why do I keep some of the stuff I do? Oh, well. It’ll be gone soon.

So, I research a little and find that it is indeed a common symptom with fibro. The chills and such preceding a flare. I’m fighting it at this point, not wanting to let it get the better of me. Yes, I can be stubborn. Not stupid (well, not too often), but stubborn.

Wish me luck on getting the attic cleaned out. If I can do that, it will make moving (when we sell the house) much easier. Anyone else deal with fibromyalgia and the dreaded chilling? I call it fibro-freeze. It’s not nice.

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